Retractor System

Retractor System

Features & Benefits

The Tyber Medical Retractor System offers the surgeon complete lateral access with controlled tissue and muscle retraction. The system can accommodate both lateral and posterior approaches with a wide selection of blade sizes and lengths.


  • Monopolar Probe
  • Light Source
  • Intradiscal Anchor and Fixation
  • Non-Table and Table Mounted Options
  • Blade extensions



Recent Projects

TyFix Joint Fixation

The integrated implant/instrument design of the TyFixTM, all-in-one extremity joint fixation system, creates

NiTy Memory Staple

The NiTy Staple was designed for ease of use and intraoperative stability.

TyWedge System

The TyWedge was designed for ease of use. The TyWedge system offers the following advantages:

Interbody Line

Tyber Medical’s Interbody line provides radiographic markers for precise placement, anatomical shaped-end plates,