How We Work

How We Work, The Tyber Way

How we work at Tyber Medical is with an OEM private label model that allows your company to focus on what you do best, your business!

All of Tyber Medical’s released products have FDA and CE regulatory clearance. The systems are fully designed, tested, verified and validated using Tyber Medical’s ISO 13485:2016, EC Certificate and MDASP for the CE Marked Interbody Spacers, and FDA QSR compliant quality system. You can choose an entire system: tray, instruments, and implants; or go a la carte with just implants or instruments.

Tyber Medical’s build to order operation accelerates a sales force access to products without incurring substantial development expenses or timeline risks. Our competitive pricing targets a competitive margin or savings on all implants.

Tyber Medical offers 3 options based on your company’s needs:

  1. Differentiated Premium Products
  2. Convenience with Sterile Packaged Products
  3. Economical Non-Sterile Implants and Disposable Instruments

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