Rapid Access to Market

Tyber Medical has many off-the-shelf products of FDA 501(k) cleared devices that you can add to your company’s portfolio under your own brand. These products have been designed with science backed technology, manufactured according to cGMP protocols, and have FDA and CE clearance. By anticipating the needs of medical device companies and stocking distributors, the time to market can be as little as three months. The fact that these devices have already been through the country specific regulatory approval process, shortens the time to market to 3 to 6 months versus the typical development time of 18 to 36 months.

If your company requires a design specific product, the time to market is only 6 to 12 months.

Timeline for Tyber Medical to Design, Develop, and Manufacture including Regulatory Approvals and Off-the-Shelf product Vs. a Design Specific product:

time to market

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