Tyber Medical offers flexible inclusive solutions to provide your company with the ability to market a proven total solution to your customers and cost savings through consolidation of suppliers. Supplier consolidation allows for reduced purchase prices, lower transactional costs, reduction of risks, and improved supplier relationships. Our experienced team has created complete product portfolios by designing a total package, therefore your company will benefit from the breadth of our resources and products. Your company will have the ability to grow without using your own resources, by leveraging our product development and regulatory expertise, and by partnering with us to create strategic growth opportunities.

How Tyber Medical Helps Your Company Increase Revenue and Enhance Your Brand

Tyber Medical private labels their devices using your company brand. The devices are designed, manufactured, and country specific regulatory cleared with rapid release to market. Tyber Medical’s build-to-order operation accelerates market access to products without incurring substantial development expenses or timeline risks. Our competitive pricing structure targets a 75% profit margin for your company while providing the benefit of quick time to market, filling gaps in your portfolio, and access to our expert resources. Tyber Medical provides your company with worry-free devices over the duration of a manufacturing contract.

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