Jeff Tyber

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Jeff Tyber

September 17, 2018 4:14 pm Published by

Jeff Tyber has worked in the orthopedic medical industry for over 12 years in product development, research, and management roles.... View Article


Harold Tyber

September 17, 2018 5:58 pm Published by

Harold Tyber has extensive management, business development and marketing expertise. He is a Founding member and former Chairmen of EndoShape,... View Article

David Hannah

David Hannah

November 12, 2020 7:06 pm Published by

Mr. Hannah has over 10 years of experience working in the medical device industry, specifically in R&D and management roles.... View Article

Toby Borcoman

December 7, 2021 2:55 pm Published by

Mr. Borcoman is a Human Resources Executive with a 20+ year history of working in the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry. ... View Article


Brent Slosky

September 17, 2018 7:51 pm Published by

Mr. Slosky has been the managing General Partner for numerous oil and gas and venture capital partnerships (over 10) assisting... View Article


Arthur Alfaro

September 17, 2018 6:00 pm Published by

Mr. Alfaro has spent 30 years in the medical device industry.  He began his career in the medical products industry... View Article

Kevin Brothen

November 7, 2023 7:29 pm Published by

Kevin Brothen has 25+ years of medical device experience, including sales and marketing roles within global orthopedics device companies. Kevin... View Article

Jeff Kenitz

October 26, 2022 9:07 pm Published by

Jeff’s operational experience in supply chain, as well as his management expertise in medical device, pharma, and commercial goods industries,... View Article