Brent Slosky

Corporate Counsel and Board Advisor

Mr. Slosky has been the managing General Partner for numerous oil and gas and venture capital partnerships (over 10) assisting with structuring corporate entities, acquisition of properties, fundraising and ongoing operations. He has been involved in a start-up, ownership and management capacity for numerous other ventures including international food service, international storage facilities, ophthalmic devices, and auto resales. He is currently CEO of two innovative medical device companies focusing on the development of a pipeline of novel polymers and products for use in Ophthalmology. Mr. Slosky is also a licensed attorney having over 22 years experience as a partner with two multi-national law firms emphasizing mergers and acquisitions (including structuring and financing), public and private finance, commercial finance, venture capital, start-up venture through IPO (company and investor) and corporate oversight and issues.