Our Customers

Orthopedic Company

Is it taking you 18-60 months and $200k-$800k per year to develop and launch a new medical device? During that time your competition is eating your lunch – talking to your surgeons about their new device that you don’t have, gobbling up market share and enjoying great margins. By the time you get your version of the latest and greatest to market, good margins are gone and everyone else is putting the finishing touches on the next big thing.

It’s time to move ahead and give your sales people the advantage in the OR and get your R&D team working on THE next big thing.

Stocking Distributor

Still limiting your upside by sticking with old technology and selling on commission? Why not put some new technology in your bag and get the most out of it before it becomes old technology.

Consider this – you purchase an implant from us for $600. On average you sell that implant for $2400 – that’s $1800 or 75% margin on average!

Hospitals & GPO's

Over time medical devices and surgical techniques started out on the cutting edge eventually become routine as more procedures are performed and instruments are refined. As this happens we think your cost should also come down. Call or email today to learn more about how much you can save buying direct.

Our implants:

  • Are delivered sterile and individually packaged
  • Have 5 year shelf life for ease of inventory control
  • Give peace of mind – FDA cleared with virtually the same or better performance as the implants you are currently using everyday